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5 Projects Done With A WaterJet Cutter

We don’t mean to be too “out there” by saying that waterjet is the future of cutting, but – given the vast array of possibilities to cut with a waterjet, it’s evident a waterjet cutter is a fantastic cutting option to have around.

By forcing high-pressure water through a tiny orifice, a waterjet cutter can cut virtually any material. These machines are incredibly versatile and can cut through wood, metal, glass as well as a variety of other, less conventional materials. Waterjets are environmentally friendly, they deliver accurate cuts and perform faster than many other traditional cutting tools.

Here are some of the most interesting videos that show projects done with a waterjet cutter:

Waterjet Cutting Bullet-Proof Glass

The highest security form of protection for many institutions, high-secure homes, and organizations such as banks and public vaults (and a defining feature of many action movies), bullet-proof glass is secure enough to protect you from a firearm but not from a waterjet! You won’t believe it? Check it out!

 Waterjet Cutting Geode

Cutting geodes is a complicated process because they are easily damaged if not cut properly. The beautiful gem inside is often scuffed when poorly handled, leading to abrasions and poor results. But, a waterjet is a solution to a smooth, clean and precise geode cutting! Using a waterjet to cut geode you’ll be getting a perfectly smooth cut, great for geodes displayed in stores, museums, and homes.

Waterjet Cutting Laptops

Why would you ever want to cut through your computer, especially if you plan on continuing to use that laptop, right? Right. However, frequently when laptops go beyond reparation, and virtually no parts are no longer usable, it’s just fun to watch someone cut through one, like here:

 Waterjet Cutting Motorbike Helmet

Not until you see the video of a waterjet shaping a motorbike helmet will you understand how powerful, effective and precise these machines can be! A waterjet allows for each component to be cut at a time, with the same precision and commitment to detail. Check it out here:

Waterjet Cutting Pastry (Fresh and Frozen)

When you think of waterjets, you don’t think of pastry cutting, right? Well, believe it or not, while waterjet cutting is generally focused on high-intensity streams slicing through metal, wood and other similarly “hard” materials, their intricacy and precision of execution allow them to cut through virtually any material placed in front of them! Yes, that includes your favourite pastry and cakes, too – frozen or fresh. Check these two great videos here:


If you are wondering if choosing waterjet cutting for your next project is a good idea, we’ll tell you this: it entirely is!

Looking for a Reputable Company with a WaterJet Cutter? Give Us a Ring!

Antech Technologiesis the best place to get your materials cut with a waterjet cutter. This ultimate tool for cutting everything from thin to thick materials is a perfect fit for all projects that require the precision of execution and completed within a few minutes. Contact us today for the best deals in the industry!

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